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Stikman: How to Draw, Animate, and Share Your Own Stick Figures

What is stikman and why is it popular?

stikman (stylized lowercase) is a pseudonymous American street artist and a game character that has gained popularity in the last decade. stikman is best known for placing images of humanoid, robot-like stick figures on the sidewalks of cities across the United States and for starring in various online games that feature his adventures. In this article, we will explore the origin and history of stikman, the different styles and genres of stikman, and the best stikman games to play online.



The origin and history of stikman

stikman as a street art phenomenon

stikman is reported to be a Philadelphia native who has been active in street art since the 1960s, when he began his career at age 14 with anti-war graffiti. He has been creating the stikman figures that he is best known for since the 1990s. These are usually made of yellow linoleum-like pavement marking tape that becomes embedded in the asphalt over time. The artist places the figures, most frequently on crosswalks, without any direct indication of authorship. This has led to articles in the media investigating the origin and authorship of the figures. Although they are frequently interpreted as robot figures, the artist has said that they are simply "little men made of sticks". A Washington Post article stated that the Washington, D.C. area had over 150 stikman images embedded in its sidewalks in 2008. The figures have also been placed in New York City, Boston, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Wheeling, West Virginia, Ann Arbor, Michigan, Minneapolis, Minnesota, San Francisco, and Chicago. stikman has also created the figures in other styles and media. Although known primarily for works placed on the street, the artist has also been featured in gallery exhibitions and selected for Amazon's first collection of limited-edition prints by seven international street artists.

stikman as a game character

stikman is also a popular game character that has appeared in many online games that feature his adventures. These games are usually based on action, arcade, or strategy genres that involve fighting, shooting, racing, or escaping from various situations. Some of the most popular games in the stickman section are the Henry Stickmin games. This series is a cult classic, played through by many Youtubers for the viewers amusement. The games narrative is an action parody thats driven by the decisions you make. Fleeing the Complex and Escaping the Prison are two fun Henry Stickmin games to play through.

The different styles and genres of stikman

stikman as a stick figure

One of the most common styles of stikman is a simple stick figure that consists of a circle for the head and straight lines for the body and limbs. This style is often used to create humorous or absurd situations that involve violence or death. For example, in Stick Figure Penalty Chamber 2, you can choose from various ways to torture or kill a stick figure prisoner.

stikman as a robot

Another style of stikman is a robot-like figure that has metal parts or wires attached to its body. This style is often used to create futuristic or sci-fi scenarios that involve technology or aliens. For example, in Stick War 2: Order Empire, you can control an army of stickmen soldiers that fight against the rebels or the aliens. You can also upgrade your units and weapons with gold and mana.

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stikman as a hero

A third style of stikman is a hero-like figure that has special abilities or powers that help him overcome challenges or enemies. This style is often used to create epic or adventurous scenarios that involve fantasy or magic. For example, in Stickman Hook, you can swing from rope to rope like Spider-Man and perform amazing acrobatic stunts.

The best stikman games to play online

The Henry Stickmin series

As mentioned earlier, the Henry Stickmin series is one of the most popular and entertaining stikman games to play online. The series consists of six games that follow the adventures of Henry Stickmin, a notorious criminal who tries to escape from prison, rob a bank, infiltrate a secret organization, and more. The games are full of hilarious choices, references, and outcomes that will make you laugh out loud. You can play the games in any order, but the recommended order is Breaking the Bank, Escaping the Prison, Stealing the Diamond, Infiltrating the Airship, Fleeing the Complex, and Completing the Mission.

The Stickman History Battle game

If you are interested in history and warfare, you might enjoy the Stickman History Battle game. This game lets you control a stickman army that fights against different historical enemies, such as Vikings, Romans, Mongols, Samurai, Pirates, and more. You can choose from various units and weapons, such as archers, spearmen, cavalry, catapults, cannons, and more. You can also upgrade your army and unlock new skills and abilities. The game has 12 levels that cover different historical periods and regions.

The Stickman Party game

If you are looking for a fun and casual game to play with your friends or family, you might like the Stickman Party game. This game is a collection of mini-games that you can play with up to four players on one device. The mini-games include racing, soccer, tank battles, micro golf, snakes and ladders, paintball, and more. The game is easy to play and suitable for all ages.

Conclusion and FAQs

stikman is a versatile and creative character that has been used in various forms of art and entertainment. Whether you are a fan of street art or online games, you can find something to enjoy about stikman. stikman is a symbol of simplicity, humor, and imagination that can inspire anyone to create their own stories and adventures.

Here are some FAQs about stikman:


Who is the creator of stikman?The creator of stikman is an anonymous street artist who has been active since the 1960s. He has never revealed his identity or motives.

What is the meaning of stikman?There is no definitive meaning of stikman. The artist has said that they are simply "little men made of sticks". Some people interpret them as robots, others as humans. Some see them as symbols of resistance, others as expressions of humor.

Where can I find stikman figures?You can find stikman figures on the sidewalks of many cities across the United States. They are usually placed on crosswalks or near traffic signs. You can also find them online in various games and websites.

How can I make my own stikman figures?You can make your own stikman figures using any material that can stick to the pavement or other surfaces. You can use tape, stickers, paint, chalk, or anything else that you can think of. You can also draw them on paper or on your computer.

Are there any legal issues with stikman?stikman is considered a form of graffiti or vandalism by some authorities and property owners. Placing stikman figures on public or private property without permission may result in fines or legal action.


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