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Magazine Lolita Color Special

This magazine was sold everywhere - sometimes from under the counter. Only in the 80s the magazine was discontinued due to new laws set. From the 90s, the notion of child pornography expanded ever further. In the 70s and 80s, nudist magazines such as "Young and Free," "Sunshine Friends", etc. were still perfectly legal to buy. Even artists such as David Hamilton, Jock Sturges and Sally Mann published images of naked children and adolescents, which was at the time was considered an art - even though the first voices reported this as child pornography to blame. The photographer Jacques Bourboulon got special attention because of the very erotic pictures of Eva Ionescu he made.

magazine lolita color special


Child pornography - the word is used everywhere and nonetheless it is totally unclear what it actually describes. This is where the problem begins: there are totally different legal situations. What is considered CP in one place can be in another place perfectly legal. Even the legal description of CHILD is not regulated. In a country you are a child until you are 18 years old, in another the limit is 16 years, or as in Germany one is legally a child until one is 14 years old, after that he/she is called a young minor until he/she becomes an adult. In practice this leads to constant conflicts. Law is by no means uniform. A few years ago there were these kinds of problems with the magazine "Seventeen" in the Netherlands. When the Internet emerged, the company produced entirely legal pornography with young people aged 16. As long as this was sold in the Netherlands, it was no problem. But with the advent of the Internet Seventeen wanted to sell the pictures and videos on the internet as well. It was not long until it hit the headlines everywhere for "child pornography", especially in the USA. This became a huge political pressure on the Dutch authorities. A very similar problem seems to be, soon, with Switzerland, where this minor protection ends at the age of 16. Not to mention countries such as Japan where the age limit in some places is 13 years (the same applies in Spain). There are countries where there is no minimum age but one is entitled to have sex when married (this is often the case in Muslim countries). So here is again the question: what is child pornography? The answer may vary.

Staying true to his monochrome color palette, a few works feature full-color sections or are entirely rendered using a wider spectrum of hues. En el Camino (On The Road) is an example of such work, originally commissioned for the book cover of a 50th-anniversary edition of the novel On The Road by Jack Kerouac. While mimicking the aesthetic of photos from the '50s, Pomet conveys feelings through the warmth of the sunset light and the repertorial palette used for that. "I dont usually turn to color in a descriptive way, I use it more as a symbolic tool to point out some areas of a special semantic field," Pomet concludes. - Sasha Bogojev

It may seem quite feminine: details in pink, including its façade and a Steinway & Sons grand piano in the same color, among other pink accents and elements, yet spending an afternoon at Lolita Dessert club is an excellent option if you visit Miami. Whether you go alone or with someone else, this is an ideal place to treat yourself or to treat those special ladies in your life. 350c69d7ab


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